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Important information about Lacrosse Helmets


Recently 2 helmet models were "de-certified" by NOCSAE and are currently not useable in any US Lacrosse sanctioned events (Any and all .  The Cascade "R" and Warrior Regulator are the helmets in question.  Please note that both companies have other models of helmet that are not effected.  

Cascade recently announced they have developed a solution for the R model that involved returning the helmet to Cascade for retrofitting.  There is a specific process for this fix and it must be done by the helmet owner, it is free of charge (including shipping).  Once the helmet has been retrofitted a sticker will be applied and the helmet will be approved for use again.  Referees will be looking for the sticker and may not allow a player with a non-retrofitted R model helmet to play in any game, clinic or camp.  

Details and instructions can be found at  

I have not yet heard of any fix for Warrior Regulator helmets but if you own this model I would suggest going to the website for information.

To read more about the NOCSAE decertification visit the following link:


Please feel free to email any questions


Nick Spagnoletti

by posted 12/15/2014
Fall Lacrosse Clinics & Leagues



There is no bettter way to improve skills than working on skills all year round.  For those looking for some off season lacrosse clinics there are many options now available.  Some of the more popular and convenient are listed below.  Most are enrolling in fall and winter programs right now.




Fall and Winter Leagues

FDU Fall League:

ISP Winter League:


Private Lessons:

Face Off Lessons by John Harkins (MHS Face Off Specialist)


All of the above offer quality programs with terrific coaches.  For the Fall and Winter leagues kids can join and be placed on a team or form a team of their own and enter.  


Madison Jr. Lacrosse



by posted 09/06/2014

Welcome to the Madison Jr Lacrosse Website

The Madison Jr. Lacrosse Club was established in 1992 and was among the first towns in Morris County to establish a junior lacrosse program. The Madison Junior Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization formed to promote the sport of lacrosse in the Borough of Madison and the Township of Harding. The Club sponsors teams in grades 4th through 8th for competition in the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League and also sponsors a clinic for 2ndand 3rdgrade boys.

We are proud of our program and our boys. Over the years, the Madison program has given a start to numerous young men who have gone on to become recognized as High School All-Americans. We’re also proud of the fact that towns around the Tri-State area love playing Madison because of the gentlemanly competition we bring to the game.

For additional information regarding the equipment and time committment, practice days and expectations for each grade please click the Grade & Equipment Information tab above.

Nick Spagnoletti
President, MJL


posted 06/13/2011
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